Dawn of Defiance (tabletop)

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The First Adventure

Our heroes find themselves in the Wailing Womprat Cantina, located in the city of Bourlag on the core world of Brentaal.

A young man bursts into the cantina, pursued by Stormtroopers. He is arrested, but as the heroes leave they find a datacard apparently dropped by the young man. On it are two files: one heavily encrypted, and the other contains two lines “OKEEFE” and “G6”.

Our heroes head out into the sketchier part of Bourlag, looking for a slicer to help them decrypt the datacard. They ask a seedy bartender named Daviid for a slicer, and he gives them an address. When the heroes arrive at the specified location, they find that they were double-crossed, for Daviid had sold them out to some thugs, who hoped to steal whatever this valuable encrypted information was. The heroes managed to fight off their assailants.

The heroes then head for the city spaceport, looking for docking bay G6, only to find that the Imperials have locked down the spaceport (perhaps trying to keep the information from leaving the city). The heroes sneak in by way of an unguarded (and hastily unlocked) freight entrance, and make their way to bay G6. Stormtroopers pursuing them, they manage to make it to bay G6, meeting Sirona Okeefe. Having had the heroes bring the Imperials right down onto her, she shoves them aboard her ship, the Banshee, and blasts them out of the spaceport. The Imperials, apparently not expecting this development, were unable to scramble any ships of their own, and Okeefe managed to lose herself in the inner system. As we speak, she has created a set of forged identification for her ship and is heading back towad Brentaal, planning to drop the heroes off at one of the orbital platforms, and even paying them a finders fee for the datacard that they brought her. What the encrypted datacard contained though, is still a mystery…


I realized that I shortchanged you guys on experience. Corey and Joe should each have 400, and Dayringer should have 450

Welcome to your Adventure Log!

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