Dawn of Defiance (tabletop)

Session 2

this time its personal

We get dropped off at Sel Zonn Station by Sirona Okeefe. She drops us off at docking bay grey 2. We walk out onto the promenade which is mostly empty. Most people there are stormtroopers or humans. Aliens are out of place.

Syub tried to find a place that dealt in weapons to fence a blaster pistol. He got shoved around a lot.

Ashlah got healed at the med clinic. Fenn healed him.

Gulchy mostly stood around trying to not look like trouble.

we stop by a cantina to try to find work. Corey is being difficult.

cant find twilek fetish porn.

a volcano erupted in the promenade! Several dozen aliens in a mob are facing down two stormtroopers. Well dressed ithorian in front.

we started a riot with the mob and beat down the stormtroopers. After sneaking back into the bar we drank for a few hours until the halls cleared and the investigation finished.

while drinking we learned about trellen, the ithorian. He showed up a few weeks ago and has been preaching about equal rights for non humans.

after waking up we learned about the quarantined and went off to the sub promenade. There were two informants with poorly concealed weapons watching over the crowd.

a woman, Maya, runs out clutching her stomach and being chased by two stormtroopers. They cut her down with blaster fire and demand that we drop our weapons. They drag off Maya.

we track down where she came from and search her room, finding an encrypted datapad in her desk.


v14 is a deep storage bay in the quarantined region.

we met up with trellen in an empty storage bay and learned that Maya was a friend of his. She is likely now being held in the security office. We will try to break her out next session!



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