Dawn of Defiance (tabletop)


Party heads even lower in the station to where Switch is in V14. The area is very run down.

Party persuades Switch’s guards to let them in to see Switch.

Switch agrees to divulge the location of Maya’s package, in exchange for a favor.

Party agrees to recover information on Felucian flu from a secret Imperial research facility on board.

Before the party leaves, thugs attack.

The party fights off the thugs and Switch offers to give the party the information on Maya’s package in thanks.

The party agrees to another quest from Switch: transport a case of ale to Alderaan.

The party learns the packages are stored in the docking bay on Blue deck.

Switch provides the party with ID’s to grant them Blue deck access.

Ashla goes to get the packages while the others get patched up following the fighting.

Ashla finds Imperials searching the storage area and isn’t permitted to enter.

After consulting with Maya and Switch, a plan is formulated.

GU1-CH1 and Syub board the transport that’ll take the party off the station and loop around to Blue deck for support, Ashla walks up to Blue deck to demand access to recover important packages for “Lord Kousan”, with a distraction and/or some luck the Ashla will have the packages as the ship arrives, and the party will immediately depart (if not, GU1-CH1 and Syub will arrive for support).

The Lord Kousan play works and the distraction works (rigged grenade combined with GU1-CH1 cutting the lights). The party escapes in the Banshee (again) with Imperials chasing them (again).

The party travels to Alderaan and meets with Bel Organa.

He thanks them for their help and offers them another job: traveling to Felucia to investigate the possible capture of an ally who may be held in an imperial facility there. He offers to pay well.

Bel provides them with what information he has on the situation and informs them the Banshee will continue to provide transportation for them.

The party also delivers the ale to Switch’s contact and collects there 500 credits.

The power by which the universe becomes manifest

The session resumes immediately after Trellen tasks the party with rescuing Maya, though we immediately fast forward several hours as we spend time planning the jailbreak (we did this planning between sessions).

Our investigation revealed several things:

  • Maya was being held by the regular Station Security because the imperials didn’t yet have a secure holding area onboard.
  • The largest holding facility is across from docking bay Grey 1, which is where Maya is apparently being held.
  • The imperials are completely autonomous and generally are in the process of seizing power throughout the station; many members of the station security don’t like this.
  • Most of the station security, including Security Chief Branson, are human.
  • In the evening/night (the station is geosynchronous) there are the fewest guards in the holding facilities.
  • None of the guards are know for being susceptible to bribes.
  • Station security doesn’t hire temporary help; hiring is thorough and slow and if they absolutely need shorter term aid they’ll ask the imperials.
  • The imperials patrol the promenade level in pairs, and the lower levels in groups of 4-6.

Since we didn’t want to directly harm station security, we elected to attempt to deceive station security. To do this, we planned to acquire a Stormtrooper uniform for Syub and then have Syub bring Ashla in as a prisoner; GU1-CH1 was to accompany us as an interrogation droid. Once we were in and found Maya, the plan was to stage a breakout for Maya and Ashla and have Syub “pursue” and “call other imperial support” if necessary so station security didn’t get involved.

Since the imperials patrols were smaller on the promenade, we elected to try to ambush a patrol there. We found an abandoned storefront and broke in, planning to lure a Stormtrooper patrol there so we could engage in what we hoped was a discreet fashion. Ashla and GU1-CH1 disagreed about who should bait the troopers in (GU1-CH1 was already wanted, but Ashla would more easily attract attention) and while the group was hanging around, a station security guard came by to check things out. The party hid, but Syub was spotted when the guard entered. Ashla snuck around and swiftly stunned him unconscious while GU1-CH1 closed the door. We frisked the guard, only finding his encoded badge to be worth taking; we left him tied up in the abandoned shop.

We then made a trip to Grey 1 and debated whether we could do the jailbreak without a trooper outfit since we had a station guard badge (GU1-CH1 talked to an ATM, which wasn’t any help). We wasted some time debating there, and continuing to disagree about who should serve as bait. Ultimately, Ashla related and agreed he’d serve as a better attraction, but the group decided to head down to the lower levels to ambush an imperial patrol there. When a guard came looking for his partner (presumably the guy we left tied up in the shop), we the Grey 1 area and headed down to the lower levels.

In the lower levels, we picked out a space in a shadier area, scavenged some boxes and crates to hide us, and set up to ambush one of the smaller patrols. Shortly thereafter, a group of 4 Stormtrooper recruits came along. Syub opened the ambush be literally shooting one troopers head off. Ashla opened fire and riddled another with scorching holes. The troopers returned fire; GU1-CH1 was hit by a luckly blaster bolt and Syub took a bit of frag in his leg. Attempting to preserve some of the armor and effectively subdue the two remaining troopers, Ashla and GU1-CH1 charged one who was dropped by a brutal slash to the leg. Adept use of a stun baton dropped the final trooper.

After dragging the bodies into an alley, we dressed Syub up in trooper garb (borrowing some leg gear to replace the gashed pieces), looted the other trooper bodies (each acquiring the contents of a Stormtrooper belt basically), disposed of the bodies, and then headed up to see Maya.

We entered the Station Security post as planned — Ashla was bound and lead as a prisoner, GU1-CH1 was accompanying as an “interrogation droid” and Syub was in charge. Upon entering, Syub explained the situation to the guard at the desk (which seemed to be unnecessary) and we were permitted back to the holding cells. Ashla was placed in one while GU1-CH1 entered to see Maya. Maya was supremely confused by what was going on (this was mitigated somewhat by Syub revealing he wasn’t an actual Stormtrooper) and unfortunately still grievously injured from her capture. It was apparent she wouldn’t be able to just run out as the original plan called for.

Ashla was released to join the group in Maya’s cell to formulate a new plan for the escape. Unfamiliar with the layout of the security post, the group opened the cell at the end of the row and found a very confused and drunken Wookie inside. Ashla tried to enlist his help in the jailbreak, but he wasn’t very coherent and decided to simply remain until his drunk-tank time was up. The group then decided to simply leave as they game in; Syub would lead the prisoners under some pretense and we’d continue to assume the Stormtrooper ruse would hold. On the way out, Syub again explained things more than was necessary to the guard, signed something, and then we were free.

We headed down to the lower levels, contacted Trellen, told him to bring a doctor, and arranged a meeting. Again there was much confusion about the appearance of a Stormtrooper, but Syub wasn’t killed on the spot and we cleared things up. Maya received treatment and told us that she was supposed to meet a “Switch” at unit V14 in the quarantine zone and since she couldn’t do that now, we should. So, our plan is to head that way next and see what this “Switch” is about.

Session 2
this time its personal

We get dropped off at Sel Zonn Station by Sirona Okeefe. She drops us off at docking bay grey 2. We walk out onto the promenade which is mostly empty. Most people there are stormtroopers or humans. Aliens are out of place.

Syub tried to find a place that dealt in weapons to fence a blaster pistol. He got shoved around a lot.

Ashlah got healed at the med clinic. Fenn healed him.

Gulchy mostly stood around trying to not look like trouble.

we stop by a cantina to try to find work. Corey is being difficult.

cant find twilek fetish porn.

a volcano erupted in the promenade! Several dozen aliens in a mob are facing down two stormtroopers. Well dressed ithorian in front.

we started a riot with the mob and beat down the stormtroopers. After sneaking back into the bar we drank for a few hours until the halls cleared and the investigation finished.

while drinking we learned about trellen, the ithorian. He showed up a few weeks ago and has been preaching about equal rights for non humans.

after waking up we learned about the quarantined and went off to the sub promenade. There were two informants with poorly concealed weapons watching over the crowd.

a woman, Maya, runs out clutching her stomach and being chased by two stormtroopers. They cut her down with blaster fire and demand that we drop our weapons. They drag off Maya.

we track down where she came from and search her room, finding an encrypted datapad in her desk.


v14 is a deep storage bay in the quarantined region.

we met up with trellen in an empty storage bay and learned that Maya was a friend of his. She is likely now being held in the security office. We will try to break her out next session!

Welcome to your Adventure Log!
The First Adventure

Our heroes find themselves in the Wailing Womprat Cantina, located in the city of Bourlag on the core world of Brentaal.

A young man bursts into the cantina, pursued by Stormtroopers. He is arrested, but as the heroes leave they find a datacard apparently dropped by the young man. On it are two files: one heavily encrypted, and the other contains two lines “OKEEFE” and “G6”.

Our heroes head out into the sketchier part of Bourlag, looking for a slicer to help them decrypt the datacard. They ask a seedy bartender named Daviid for a slicer, and he gives them an address. When the heroes arrive at the specified location, they find that they were double-crossed, for Daviid had sold them out to some thugs, who hoped to steal whatever this valuable encrypted information was. The heroes managed to fight off their assailants.

The heroes then head for the city spaceport, looking for docking bay G6, only to find that the Imperials have locked down the spaceport (perhaps trying to keep the information from leaving the city). The heroes sneak in by way of an unguarded (and hastily unlocked) freight entrance, and make their way to bay G6. Stormtroopers pursuing them, they manage to make it to bay G6, meeting Sirona Okeefe. Having had the heroes bring the Imperials right down onto her, she shoves them aboard her ship, the Banshee, and blasts them out of the spaceport. The Imperials, apparently not expecting this development, were unable to scramble any ships of their own, and Okeefe managed to lose herself in the inner system. As we speak, she has created a set of forged identification for her ship and is heading back towad Brentaal, planning to drop the heroes off at one of the orbital platforms, and even paying them a finders fee for the datacard that they brought her. What the encrypted datacard contained though, is still a mystery…


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