Dawn of Defiance (tabletop)


Party heads even lower in the station to where Switch is in V14. The area is very run down.

Party persuades Switch’s guards to let them in to see Switch.

Switch agrees to divulge the location of Maya’s package, in exchange for a favor.

Party agrees to recover information on Felucian flu from a secret Imperial research facility on board.

Before the party leaves, thugs attack.

The party fights off the thugs and Switch offers to give the party the information on Maya’s package in thanks.

The party agrees to another quest from Switch: transport a case of ale to Alderaan.

The party learns the packages are stored in the docking bay on Blue deck.

Switch provides the party with ID’s to grant them Blue deck access.

Ashla goes to get the packages while the others get patched up following the fighting.

Ashla finds Imperials searching the storage area and isn’t permitted to enter.

After consulting with Maya and Switch, a plan is formulated.

GU1-CH1 and Syub board the transport that’ll take the party off the station and loop around to Blue deck for support, Ashla walks up to Blue deck to demand access to recover important packages for “Lord Kousan”, with a distraction and/or some luck the Ashla will have the packages as the ship arrives, and the party will immediately depart (if not, GU1-CH1 and Syub will arrive for support).

The Lord Kousan play works and the distraction works (rigged grenade combined with GU1-CH1 cutting the lights). The party escapes in the Banshee (again) with Imperials chasing them (again).

The party travels to Alderaan and meets with Bel Organa.

He thanks them for their help and offers them another job: traveling to Felucia to investigate the possible capture of an ally who may be held in an imperial facility there. He offers to pay well.

Bel provides them with what information he has on the situation and informs them the Banshee will continue to provide transportation for them.

The party also delivers the ale to Switch’s contact and collects there 500 credits.



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